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Choosing Between Eyeglasses And Contacts

Hello, my name is Sandy. I am here to talk to you about making the choice between contacts and eyeglasses. Each of these corrective lens options gives you the ability to see clearly once again. There are pros and cons you need to consider about each before selecting one as your main source of vision correction. My site will explore choosing the best frames, lens types and care techniques you can use to keep your eyeglasses or contacts in great shape over the years. Please feel free to visit my site anytime to learn all you can about contacts, eyeglasses and other optical goods.

4 Eyewear Problems That Can Be Solved By An Optical Product Repair Service

Eyeglasses are an important part of many people's daily lives. Corrective lenses allow people without perfect vision to safely drive a car, easily read distant signs, and more. Glasses only work properly if they're in good condition. Unfortunately, eyewear can be quite fragile and it's easy to damage eyeglasses accidentally. If you experience any of the following problems with your eyewear, you need to have your glasses fixed by an optical product repair service:

1. Your lenses are scratched.

Glasses are comprised of a plastic or metal frame that holds corrective lenses in place. These lenses are traditionally made from glass, though special types of plastic may also be used. Glasses must be handled gently and stored in a protective case in order to protect their delicate lenses. Small scratches can be ignored, but larger scratches can impede your vision. If your lenses become scratched, an eyeglasses repairman may be able to remove the scratch without replacing the lenses. Some scratches can be buffed away using a lightly abrasive polish. It's important to have this procedure performed by a professional because improper buffing may change the way the lenses refract light.

2. One or both of your lenses are broken.

If the lenses of your glasses have broken but the frame is still intact, there's good news. You can keep the same pair of glasses and simply have the lenses replaced. An optical product repair service can remove the remnants of your old lenses. They will then replace them with new lenses of your choice. This is an excellent time to upgrade your lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are much stronger than glass. They're shatter-resistant, which can prevent the need for additional repairs in the future, in addition to keeping your eyes safe.

3. Your glasses no longer fit properly.

When you receive new glasses, an optician carefully fits them to your face, making all the necessary adjustments to the frames. Over time, the frames can become bent and warped, which will change the fit. If you feel your glasses are no longer fitting properly, bring them to an optical product repair service. An optician can readjust your glasses so they fit well once again.

4. The nose pad of your glasses has broken.

Most wire-framed glasses use nose pads to cushion wearers' noses and keep the glasses properly positioned. If a nose pad breaks, your glasses will no longer sit properly on your face. Don't try to wear your wire glasses without both nose pads because the exposed metal beneath the nose pad may scratch your face. An eyeglasses repairman can quickly and easily replace your missing nose pad.

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