Choosing Between Eyeglasses And Contacts Choosing Between Eyeglasses And Contacts

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Choosing Between Eyeglasses And Contacts

Hello, my name is Sandy. I am here to talk to you about making the choice between contacts and eyeglasses. Each of these corrective lens options gives you the ability to see clearly once again. There are pros and cons you need to consider about each before selecting one as your main source of vision correction. My site will explore choosing the best frames, lens types and care techniques you can use to keep your eyeglasses or contacts in great shape over the years. Please feel free to visit my site anytime to learn all you can about contacts, eyeglasses and other optical goods.

Cosmetic Contacts

Some people like to change their eye color the way they change their shoes. Doing so is fairly simple: you just need to use cosmetic contacts. However, as with most cosmetic items, there are some dangers involved. If you choose to use cosmetic contacts, you need to take certain precautions.


You may want to use cosmetic contacts simply for variety's sake. It's fun to literally turn your brown eyes blue or vice versa at times. Some people also like to wear them for special occasions. Others will choose contact lenses that make their eyes look like an animal's or a space alien. Changing your eyes in this way is perfectly fine as long as you go about it the right way. First off, you must have your optometrist or another eye professional prescribe these lenses for you.


Unfortunately, some people may buy these lenses from a novelty store, something that is illegal but certainly cheaper than going through a vision clinical. You may also be tempted to borrow someone else's colored contacts. Of course, you should do neither. Contact lenses have to be prescribed. They are fashioned to fit your eye alone. If you use contacts that are not given to you by an eye professional, you risk harming your eyes, maybe permanently. For instance, poorly fitted contacts can cause corneal scratches, infections, and even blindness.


Ordering cosmetic contacts can be simple if you do so at the time of your usual vision check up. The cost of regular contacts vary, but the average for those with astigmatism is about $50 to $70 per box of six. Full-colored lenses, those that will totally change your eye color, will probably cost a bit more. Special effect lenses that are frequently bought for Halloween can be around $50 per lens or more than $200. Most eye doctors will not prescribe new lenses for you if you haven't had a recent vision check because your eyes can change. You may also develop certain eye conditions that can make contact wear unhealthy. Even if you only plan to wear special lenses once a year, you still need to get them from your eye doctor or you risk hurting your vision.

Wearing cosmetic lenses can be fun, but you must treat them as seriously as you would your normal contacts. If you do not require vision correction, you still need to have your contacts made specifically for your eyes. If you do not, you can permanently impair your vision.

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